At St. Ansgar, we worship in a relaxed, yet formal, Lutheran tradition of worship.  
Each Sunday we move through our service with Gathering, Word, Meal, and Sending.

Worship gathering

We worship at 9AM on Sunday mornings in the summer.

You will find us at:

515 Woodford St.

Portland, ME

Accessible parking is available in the small lot behind the church. This lot can be accessed from Woodford Street. All other parking is on street.

Our Sanctuary (worship space) is located on the ground level, right inside the front doors on Woodford Street. A friendly face will be there to greet you!

There is no childcare available during worship, but children are invited and encouraged to worship with their families. We love the sounds and life they add to our gathering! A nursery, in which you can hear (and see) the service, is available in the back of the worship space for the comfort and convenience of parents and their kids.

We welcome people of all sexual orientations, gender identities, and expressions of faith.

What to expect

Expect to be welcomed!  

Expect to hear beautiful music and participate in singing.

Expect to hear God's story through Scripture readings and sermons.

Expect to pray.

Expect to share in God's meal around the table with others.

Expect to experience the holy through ancient, yet modern practices and rituals.

Worship notes

Communion Practice

We have communion every Sunday. All are welcome to share in God’s meal, no exceptions.

Young children who do not commune are given a single grape with their blessing.

For the communion wine, individual glasses are used every Sunday. Grape juice is available for those who abstain from alcohol. For health precautions, we no longer allow intinction (the practice of dipping one's bread in the chalice of wine.)  We also always have gluten-free bread available.

There is always music during communion. If there is a hymn, please join us in the singing of communion hymns as the spirit moves you.

Music at St. Ansgar

Music is an integral part of our worship service and one of the ways St. Ansgar comes together as a congregation. Volunteers collaborate with our two contract musicians to provide both instrumental accompaniment and vocals. Young people are frequently part of the music program singing songs and playing hand chimes.