I'm New

Checking out a church community for the first time can be intimidating. When you walk through our doors, know that you will be warmly welcomed and accepted just as you are!

We hope the following information will help you feel more comfortable that first time you arrive.

Commonly Asked Questions

What if I've never belonged to a church?

You are not alone! Many people, especially in New England, have never belonged to a church. We'll do our best to give you the information you need to feel comfortable and welcome in our space. You are always welcome to have a conversation with the pastor if you have any questions about this particular faith community.

What if I haven't been to church for a while?

We're glad you're curious now! There is no need to prove your record of past attendance to be welcome in our community. You are invited to participate as you feel comfortable and are able. Ask us anything!

What if I'm not sure what I believe?

We appreciate honesty — and many of us in the congregation admit that we aren't exactly sure what we believe. We are faithful people walking our journey of faith together, which means that we are often asking questions and learning and growing alongside each other. What we all share in common is God's expansive love for all of Her children.

Can I take Holy Communion?

YES! At St. Ansgar we practice open communion. Anyone who wants to receive the sacrament of God's love and grace in the form of bread and wine is welcome to the table. There are gluten-free and grape juice options available every week. This is God's table  all are welcome!

Are kids welcome?

YES! We love to hear the voices of children and babies! People of all ages are welcome and encouraged to participate in the life of this faith community. We have a Pray-Group space in the Sanctuary so our young folk can be part of everything we do in worship, and we also have a dedicated children's/nursery room in the back.  We are continuing to evolved our children and youth programming to suit the specific needs of young people in the church.

What should I wear to worship?

We believe that God welcomes all of us, just as we are. On Sundays you'll see some people dressed up and others in shorts and t-shirts. So, wear whatever makes you feel comfortable! 

Where are you located?

St. Ansgar is located at 515 Woodford Street in Portland at the corner of Brighton Avenue and Woodford Street.

Can I get there with public transportation?

Portland Metro Bus 4 runs on Sundays along Brighton Ave. adjacent to the church. See the M4 bus route, schedule and other information here. 

Is parking available at the church?

St. Ansgar has a small parking lot behind the church that includes several designated handicapped spaces. The lot entrance is on Woodford St. There is a handicapped accessible entrance to the church from the parking lot. On street parking is available directly in front of the church on Woodford St. and behind the church on Columbia Rd. as well as on the side streets off of Woodford and Columbia. Additionally, on Sunday mornings only, you may park in the Eyes on Rosemont vision wellness center parking lot across from the church on Columbia Rd. 

Can I get married at St. Ansgar?

For sure! St. Ansgar celebrates weddings of committed couples, both same and different gendered pairs:  all are invited to explore having a wedding in our church. Those who wish to marry may be required to undergo a period of marriage preparation with one of our pastors. Membership, while encouraged, is not required for marriage in our church. To find our more about planning a wedding at St. Ansgar, please contact Pr. Christephor Gilbert at prchristephor@saintansgar.org.